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Level 3 Building Survey

We carry out our own RICS compliant building survey report. We do not use the generic, computer generated RICS licensed report which is common across most level 2 and level 3 building surveys.

 This is not a level 2 RICS Homebuyer Report

The inspection that we carry out for our Building Survey covers all accessible elements of the property and covers all structural and non-structural elements.

The report starts with an introductory page commenting upon property specific details such as general description, accomodation, outbuilding/parking, approximate age, orientation, local amenities, roads and footpaths.

Then follows a section detailing general environmental issues within the locality such as flood risk, geological conditions, Radon risk, Coal mining risk etc.

The main section of the report details each available element of the property and identifies issues and offers advice to rectify the issues found. These elements are categorised in a traffic light system. Included will be lots of annotated photographs to clearly illustrate the items listed.


​​​Unlike a lot of residential surveys, our Building Survey is written for the individual property. It is not written by survey writing software which is prevalent within the industry, it is written by the surveyor in plain English and will give you all the information that you require to make an informed decision about your purchase.


Please be aware that the quality of residential surveys differs between surveyors. You should always request a sample prior to instructing a surveyor. If you are not happy with the contents of the survey, look elsewhere for one that gives you the information that you need. 


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