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Alternative Surveys

Structural Survey: A Structural Survey is usually commissioned when you purchase a dilapidated or deceased property where you are already aware that the property requires modernisation and your primary concern is the structural integrity of the property.


This survey will only comment upon structural elements of the property and will not look at or comment on non-structural items such as guttering, windows, doors, central heating, electrics, legal issues etc.

It will comment on roof finishes, roof structure, chimneys, external and internal walls (subsidence/heave/settlement), retaining/boundary walls, floor slabs, asbestos, dampness/timber issues and drains.


Please be aware that a Structural Engineer's survey is not the same as one of ours. An engineer's survey will only look at the main structural elements of the building. It will not look at dampness, beetle, rot, asbestos or roof finishes.

Specific Structural/Defect Survey/Inspection: A Specific  Structural or Defect Survey also known as a Specific Structural or Defects Inspection is usually commissioned where you have a particular problem such as subsidence, settlement, heave,  drainage issues and sulphate attack etc.


It will identify the problem, place the defect into context and  recommend remedial works.

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